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Business Travel Announcement from New Joys

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We, New Joys Fashion, are preparing the business travel to Europe. Cooperation with our clients will be developed to higher heights, as the pandemic and trade and travel restrictions are lifting. 

From the end of February to mid-March, we will locally research the European market and meet partners, face to face, to discuss fashion designs and newly launched fabrics. The present and future of sustainability is another important topic, as well as what we're working on that. We expect further and wider accomplishments, through our strength of years of fashion apparel specializing, and by our comprehensive services and quick response.

Norway, Sweden, Spain, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, and Germany are all on our travel list. We will show clients our latest fashion designs, fabrics, and yarns. We also delightedly welcome fashion brands, designers, studios, and retailers to make an appointment.

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Email: service@new-joys.com

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27 Feb. 2023 - 20 Mar. 2023

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United Kingdom




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